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Tile Stores in Atlanta Ga

Recommended Tile Stores in Atlanta Ga

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with each of the tile stores in Atlanta Ga and the extended Metro Atlanta Area.  Each Atlanta tile store, supplier or outlet has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  The most common include Home Depot, Lowes, Floor and Decor, Daltile, Zumpanos, Federal Tile, The Tile Shop,  The Tile Store and a number of others.

Below you’ll see the top 10 tile stores Atlanta Ga , with phone #’s, addresses and links to their websites.  Please feel free to let them know we sent you and gave them our recommendation.  Without an affordable, dependable and convenient set of tile stores in Atlanta Ga , it become hard for you to get your home improved in a beautiful durable manner and hard for us to work with you on your custom tile installation.

Top 10 Tile Stores Atlanta Ga :

1). Floor and Decor Kennesaw Ga

2). Floor and Decor Roswell Ga

3). Floor and Decor Atlanta Ga

4). Floor and Decor Buford Ga

5). The Tile Shop Marietta Ga

6). The Tile House Marietta Ga

7). Federal Tile Marietta Ga

8). Daltile Marietta Ga

9). Zumpanos Tile Atlanta Ga

10).Daltile Alpharetta Ga

Last Place Atlanta Tile Stores Tied…and Explained:

Home Depot and Lowes, because their selection is marginal, the staff in the flooring department know enough to get you in trouble but not enough to save you, because special order takes forever and costs full price, because the number of tiles on sale at any time is pathetically limited.  We only buy thinset mortar, adhesive, mastic, spacers, sponges, etc. from Home Depot or Lowes…occasionally non-sanded or sanded grout, but almost never tile.

Caution when choosing any of these Atlanta Tile Stores …

There are different levels of tile knowledge among the associates at all of these stores.  The smaller stores will tend to have a higher % of their staff in the experienced / knowledgeable realm, however, they will also have less selection and slightly higher prices.  The Floor and Decor outlets will have a much broader spectrum of employee knowledge, but their selection and pricing will be better.  Our general advice is that…

a). You should choose an experience tile installation company or installer first, so they can help you make your list of needed materials, give you advice on what to choose from, what type of grout you’ll need, etc. prior to going to any of the listed Atlanta tile stores.  If you go to the store during 10am-7pm, someone at the tile installation company should be able to take your call while you’re at the Atlanta tile store or outlet in case you get confused or don’t understand your notes.  We do this every day with clients, so if no one else will help you with that…you know who to call instead 😉

b). Ask for the manager.  We work regularly with the managers at the Floor and Decor Kennesaw Ga, Floor and Decor Roswell Ga and Floor and Decor Atlanta Ga, so we can attest that although their employees are at different levels of tile and tile installation knowledge, they have been trained.  The managers we deal with are very experienced and will give you good answers and advice.  The lead people working the floor and asking if you have questions are also generally well trained, but if what they say contradicts something your Atlanta tile installation company or Atlanta tile installer told you , then you should get them on the phone as suggested above.

We Work with the Tile Stores in Atlanta Ga all the time…

You don’t have to go it alone…we’re here to help you figure out what tile material is needed, how much, what type is best for your specific project, etc.  You can reach us by phone from 10am-7pm while at any tile store in Atlanta Ga, later If needed… just let us know ahead.  We are willing to get on the phone directly with any Atlanta Tile Store manager to go back and forth, explaining your tile project in more detail and getting on the same page.

At Atlanta Tile Installation Experts, we are committed to sharing out knowledge and helping you in every way we can to make your tile project a smooth and satisfying experience.  We can do as little or as much as you need us to, but are always glad to handle your project turn-key if you like.  Either way, let us help you from the beginning to navigate the process and avoid any tile project drama along the way.  Call us today at 678-973-1943 to ask any questions you may have or schedule a Free Estimate at your convenience so your tile project will be done and looking beautiful sooner than later 🙂