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Shower Tile Installation

Proper Shower Tile Installation Atlanta!

Shower tile installation is a major component within the greater bathroom tile installation picture, and has the capacity if not done properly to allow water damage that could later cost more than the whole shower and possibly the need to demo and rebuild the entire shower.  When it comes to showers, proper installation is everything.

Take the shower floor for example.  It will see more water than the rest of the bathroom combined, and without a proper shower pan liner and properly constructed pan, it will end up leaking and doing great structural damage to the floor itself and whatever is below.  We use the best possible rubber pan liners and allow only the most seasoned tile masons to build your shower pan.

In 15 years and hundreds of shower pans custom built in the field, we have never had one of our shower pans leak.  We have however repaired or rebuilt a large number of existing shower pans for our customers.  In removing and repairing them, there has been much to learn about “what not to do” as much as proper training dictates “what to do”.  Prefab shower pans reduce some of the exposure, but we’ve seen them improperly installed as well.

Water Proofing not just for Steam Showers…

When you buy a steam shower unit, the specification and/or instructions often reference the importance of water proofing your shower walls prior to tiling over them.  Beyond that general reference, there is little specific direction or guidance. Over the years, and having installed a number of steam shower units, we’ve put together a water proofing plan that should really be applied in all shower tile installation projects.

After years of repairing water damage in the walls of regular, non-steam showers, it’s become clear to us, that all shower floors and walls should be water proofed prior to tile installation.  By using the rubber shower floor pan liners referenced above and applying a water proofing coating like Red Guard on the cement wall board, we are able to do so in a quick, affordable manner.

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