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Kitchen Tile Installation

We Love Kitchen Tile Installation

Mostly we remove and re-install kitchen tile as part of larger Atlanta kitchen remodeling projects, then because we’re licensed general contractors, we can provide all the trades and service needed to put your entire kitchen back together…or just install your kitchen floor tile or back splash if that’s all you need 🙂

Cabinet Delays Can Mess Up Your Kitchen Remodel

Our main rule of thumb, is to make sure your new cabinets are on site before we demo your kitchen, that way it can be completed and put back together in 2-3 weeks without any snags or major delays. Cabinets often take 4-8 weeks to arrive, although we do have options that can get them done in more like 1-4 weeks, but either way, you can see how demolishing your kitchen before the cabinets are ordered or on site can turn a 2-3 week project into many months if you’re not careful.

We’ll  Also Just Do Your Kitchen Tile Installation as well…

Now, there are often times that our customer is doing their own kitchen remodeling, running their own project or has a general contractor involved before we get hired. In those cases we are glad to just come install kitchen floor tile, your tile back splash or any other tile work you need done.

On floors the current trends in Atlanta kitchen tile installation projects is to larger floor tile, 13×13, 16×16, 18×18 or even 12×24. Also many jobs are 6×36 or 6×48 porcelain tile that looks like hardwood flooring. We still install a lot of small format ceramic and porcelain tile on bathroom and shower floors, but rarely in a kitchen.

Atlanta kitchen back splash tile is much more diverse, ceramic like 3×6 subway tile, porcelain, tumbled marble and even sheets of 1×1 glass tiles. The consistent factor in these tile selections is that they are typically small format and size since a typical kitchen back splash is only 18″ tall between the kitchen base cabinets and wall cabinets. 1″-6″ tile divides well into 18″ and allows enough rows of tile to be seen. Large 18×18 tiles would be a lot less work, but most people would think them to look odd or unusual because they are statistically.

Non-sanded grout can be used up to 1/8″ grout joint, sanded grout 1/8″ or larger. Some prefer non-sanded as it cleans easier, but the majority of our clients use sanded grout as it gives a nice contrast against tile that is typically very smooth. The important thing to remember in using sanded grout, is to use a product with built in sealing technology or to add a liquid sealer ad-mix so spaghetti sauce, red wine, grease, etc. doesn’t absorb deeply into the grout making it near impossible to clean.

Contact Us Before You Start Your Project or Buy Your Tile…

This is one of many reasons to Contact us before starting your overall project if possible, and even more importantly, before purchasing your tile materials. We can come look at your project in person so we can recommend which tile and materials will be best suited per your specific application and needs. We can also write down the list of items needed and quantities, along with pointing you toward the best Atlanta tile stores and suppliers. If we get a discount from them, you are welcome to get that discount on our behalf. Many of the most affordable locations like Floor and Decor do not offer us a trade or contractor discount, but we still refer them out frequently because they are often priced less than our stores and suppliers that give a discount even after the discount is applied.

Bottom line, we’ve been Atlanta Tile Contractors for over 20 years. We want to work for you and as your agents or contractors, we feel obligated to give you good counsel, helping to make the project smooth, convenient and as affordable as possible while still getting a quality end product. We have thousands of repeat clients and most of our clients are referral, so for us this is just good old fashioned business and marketing to grow our business based on our experience, actions and how we treat our kitchen remodeling and tile clients.

To ask questions or schedule an appointment, please call us at 678-973-1943 today. We look forward to being of help and are excited to see your new, better kitchen come to life 🙂