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Bathroom Tile Installation

What about Bathroom Tile Installation Atlanta?

Bathroom tile installation is one of the most common, most requested, most needed and often most complicated of tile installation projects.

Bathrooms are such a vital part of any home or business, getting tremendous amounts of use and the heaviest exposure to water.  Even before discussing the visual design elements and large list of options, it’s necessary to address the vital importance of water proofing in the design and implementation of a proper bathroom tile installation.   Check out our page on shower tile installation Atlanta as that’s the place where the most water can do the most damage if not done properly.

Bathroom Tile Installation is More Complicated

A bathroom tile installation project can include everything from floor tile to wall tile and often uses multiple types and sizes of tile all in the one room.  Because a bathroom is framed out of wood and can get particularly wet, the floor and walls are typically covered with 1/4-1/2″ cement board prior to installing the tile itself.  In the case of the shower, the floor gets a rubber membrane and shower pan, while the walls get coated with a paint on water proofing membrane.

Before even starting a bathroom tile installation project, it’s usually first requires to remove the toilet and sometimes the sink.  Many times, the existing tile then needs to be removed and hauled away before the new project can start in earnest.  Sometimes the work and expense can be minimized by carefully removing the existing tile and just replacing it, but more often than not on bathrooms older than 10 years, the tiles are so bonded with the cement or thin-set below, that it all just has to come out.

Framing, Plumbing & Electrical Trades Often Involved

After demo, the next step can often be framing up new walls or a shower seat, moving the plumbing around to relocate the fixtures or even adding a GFCI electrical outlet at the sink?  This involvement with other construction trades can sometimes take a little bathroom remodel or tile job and turn it into a much more involved project than expected.

Because Atlanta Tile Installation Experts is a division of a larger general contractor, this is not a big issue or an unwanted complication for us…but instead, an opportunity to make the experience smoother and more affordable for you as our customer.  In addition, the overall quality of the bathroom remodeling project will by much higher when you use a team that works together regularly, making it a better experience all the way around.

We Would Love to Hear About Your Bathroom Project…

There’s more to share about bathroom tile installation Atlanta than we could fit on this web page without droning on, so if you’ve got a bathroom tile installation or remodeling project, start moving forward on getting it done by calling us today at 678-973-1943.  We’re glad to hear about your bathroom project, answer any questions you might have and schedule a free estimate when it’s convenient for you and you’ll already be home.