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Floor and Decor Atlanta Tile Store Rocks!

We love the Floor and Decor Atlanta Ga store!  Their awesome selection of discounted tile, there great pricing and all the people who work there that help our customers select the right tile for the right application and then help them load it up in their cars or trucks.  What’s not to love about the Atlanta Floor and Decor?

What to Love about Floor and Decor Atlanta?

As a group of Atlanta Tile Installers that work with and install tile all the time, we absolutely love Floor and Decor Atlanta tile stores and refer our Atlanta tile installation customers to them for a number of reasons:

1). The location is great, the store is right along hwy 85 near the Clairmont Rd. exit and easy to get to from anywhere inside or close to the 285 loop.

2). The store is plenty big with plenty of parking along the right side as you pull in, in the back and even some extra shared parking on the left side just in case.

3). Floor and Decor Atlanta branch has a great selection, everything from ceramic tile to porcelain tile to marble, granite, slate and even travertine tile.  Years ago, they used to buy in smaller quantities, but with all the added stores and people complaining about that, we’ve now seen them stock popular floor tile and wall tile for a year or two…so no more worries about not being able to get a little more if you run short in the next few days.

4). Most of the tile the Atlanta Floor and Decor Ga stores carry is on sale or deeply discounted, often costing less than we can buy at local wholesalers like Zumpano and Dal Tile even after our contractor’s discounts.

5). The Floor and Decor Atlanta GA stores are some of the few Atlanta tile stores that carry certain things that only an Atlanta tile installer could want.  These tile related items include but are not limited to: a special grout additive that seals the sanded grout internally so you never have to seal it again, the broadest style and color assortment of metal tile transition strips, a number of specialty tile thinset mortars and floor levelers for every occasion, and the list goes on and on…

Shipping, Delivery and Carrying Your Tile Inside…

You might ask us “is there anything not great or the best about the Floor and Decor Atlanta Ga tile stores?  Yes, there is one thing that comes to mind…and that is their lack of “in-house” tile material delivery to your home or business.

What they do offer, is to give you a list of local door-to-door freight shipping services and assist you in figuring that out and setting up your tile material delivery from the Floor and Decor Atlanta store to your job site.  This service typically runs $200-400, and does not usually include carrying or moving the tile from the curb or driveway up into your home or business where the tile project is to be done.

Now all of the tile shops in town have this same issue, they really do, so it isn’t like Floor and Decor Atlanta tile store location is the only one?  As a result, most of our customers buying tile for a kitchen back splash, small bathroom or similar tend to just have Floor and Decor’s helpers load it up for them and drive it home in their own car or truck.  They then have the Atlanta tile installers they’ve contracted to carry it up into the home or business from their vehicle.

We put the “Full Service” in your Tile Installation Experience…

In an attempt to encourage our clients to choose the Floor and Decor Atlanta Tile Store as their supplier, we offer as part of our standard per square footage tile installation price to a). pick-up and bring your tile material from Floor and Decor Atlanta to the site and into the appropriate area for the project and b). we also include the cost of the tile thinset mortar, glue or mastic for installing the tile so as to make sure that the absolutely correct product is being used for each tile installation project.

If you don’t want this service included, we’re glad to reduce our per square footage price by $1/sf, but unless it’s a small enough tile installation project, then it’s not usually worth trying to move the tile yourself from the Floor and Decor Atlanta stores.  If you have a truck and a couple helpers with strong backs…then we’re always glad to let someone else do that part instead.

We Give Floor and Decor Atlanta Our Highest Recommendation!

In closing, we give the Floor and Decor Atlanta tile store our highest recommendation.  Their address and phone # are listed below.   We can also talk about whether us picking up and delivering your tile material from Floor and Decor Atlanta makes sense or not.

Please don’t hesitate to call us first at 770-591-4464 so we can not only give you a free tile installation labor estimate, but answer your questions in general, make sure you’ve got everything you need on your material list, make sure you have good measurements and quantities…including 5-10% extra just in case, etc.  We look forward to working with you and earning a position as the Atlanta tile installation experts that you refer out to your friends and relatives regularly 🙂

Floor and Decor Atlanta Tile Store
Floor and Decor Atlanta
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