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About Us

Atlanta Tile Installation Company

Atlanta Tile Installation Experts is a division of Affordable Craftsmen, a family owned, Atlanta based general contractor for 15 years.  As part of both our commercial and residential construction projects, we had a greater demand for affordable quality tile installation every year.

In order to better serve our existing customers and in response to the increasing requests for tile installation from new clients, we formed the Atlanta Tile Installation Experts division within Affordable Craftsmen.  As you’ll see below, we offer many advantages when selecting a team to get your tile project done…big or small.

What Makes our Tile Installation Different?

Our lead tile masons and tile setters have a minimum of 5 years full-time tile installation experience, with some have double or even triple that amount.  We want the job done right, so we don’t encourage our teams to “whip out” the work, but instead, to go at a steady, even rate and make sure the quality stays high.  Because we stay on your job each day until it’s complete, we still often finish faster than other tile crews.  At the end of the day, excellent quality at a fair affordable price spells “value”.

Shower Tile Installation You Can Count On…

Because the shower pan and tile in showers gets exposed to so much more water than most other tile applications, it’s vital that it’s done properly.  This includes making sure your shower pan under your shower floor tile is properly built, structurally sound and designed to be water proof for years to come.  We also water proof the cement board on the walls prior to installing the tile, as it keeps the water out of the walls where it will otherwise cause rot or mold.  Finally, if the tile installed over the shower pan is not properly set to drain evenly towards the center, your shower floor will hold water, getting moldy and slippery.

More than just Atlanta Tile Installation

While estimating tile projects in and around Atlanta Ga, we frequently run into projects that require other construction trades to smoothly and properly complete the complete project.  Whether you need demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical or any other construction trade, we have the resources to make that happen for you as well.  We want to make your tile installation experience A+, even if it means bringing other tradesmen from Affordable Craftsmen in to make sure your bathroom, kitchen, basement or outdoor project go smoothy from beginning to end.

Let Us Rock your Tile Installation Atlanta !

We hope at this point, that we’ve answered all your questions and you can clearly see all of the advantages to using us for your tile installation projects…whatever they may be.  Take a step in getting your home functioning better and looking more beautiful by calling us today at 678-973-1943 to schedule a free estimate, get some additional ideas and answers to any of your outstanding questions.